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This is my personal blog. I enjoy going on adventures and sharing my experience for others and for myself in the future. I'm also passionate about software, and this blog serves as a personal project to learn and experiment outside of my regular job.

I grew up in Oregon where adventure for me means mountain biking, skiing, or whitewater rafting. Now that I spend most of my time in Wisconsin, I enjoy road biking, fat biking, and kayaking.

The name "No Headwind" was the result of over-thinking and being indecisive about choosing a domain name for this website. I could get cheesy and talk about how it means more than detesting windy bike rides, but in the end, "No Headwind" allowed me to get past the artificial barrier of choosing a name and start working on the fun parts of a website.

Feel free to reach out through Instagram or email (jaredkosanovic at gmail.com).